Collared Kingfisher

Artwork id: 0036
27.99”H x

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The artwork will be shipped as an unmounted high resolution canvas print.

About Artwork

Birds are one of my favourite subjects to draw since I was young, as a wide variety of species and colours, unique to their region, have attracted my interest to know more about them in books . This resulted as some of my main motives to start creating artworks, as I grew up, wishing to create realistic drawings I used to see in my encyclopedias. Collared kingfisher is a native species around Southeast Asia, and is one of the first wild birds I have seen here in Singapore. This piece was created as one of the personal milestones to see how far I have improved on drawing birds, and whether I have managed to meet the art quality on encyclopedias I have aspired to since young. This piece is a reference from photography.

I am Seika Kawaguchi. My background is Japanese, but I have been staying in Singapore since I was 7.

Art has helped me grow a unique skill and helped me express my feelings and emotions in ways that are personal to me. Since my kindergarten years, I have been inspired by myriad of things, which has made drawing an obsession. This obsession grew as I discovered different mediums and experimented even further. Digital art is no exception, as it has definitely improved my skills in realism to unimaginable extents. However, with this as my starting point, I aim to further advance the quality of my artworks to greater heights.

In the future, I see myself potentially studying at one of the top art colleges for Fine Arts, and pursuing a career in the art industry.

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