Lens And Lenses (Pair)

Artwork id: 0003,0004
31.93”H x

$ 1,400.00 | extra charges apply

Only 5 Collector copies available. Collect yours now!
The artwork will be shipped as an unmounted high resolution canvas print.

About Artwork

I simply intended to explore what my iPad can do in terms of colours and filters in this piece. Nonetheless, I never expected to arrive at what appears to be a cave encircled with glowing red rocks. I then created two men who are trying to climb out of those rocks. After hours of experimenting with colours and filters, I finally arrived at something intriguing – ‘Lens,’ that’s positioned at the centre of the picture, portraying a brighter version of the cave, which suggests the idea of approaching a problem from a more positive angle. I decided to exaggerate the whole idea with the repetition of lenses with a wider variety of colour schemes. The culmination of that endeavour is what I call, ‘Lenses’ (on right). The intention behind this was to portray that positivity is ubiquitous; all you need to do is view it from the right lens.

Every artwork I create is an experiment and, hence, a new learning experience. I allow my hands to dictate what should be created rather than have a pre-planned blueprint. This is why my work oscillates between reality and abstraction – a highly nuanced vision that transforms into something spectacular.

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