Artwork id: 0023
49.25”H x

$ 1,300.00 | extra charges apply

Only 4 Collector copies available. Collect yours now!
The artwork will be shipped as an unmounted high resolution canvas print.

About Artwork

This work came out very spontaneously. I had an order for a video clip for one dancer. When we finished, we still had a little time left until our slot in the rented studio expired. I decided to stay on and offered a photo. In the original, the frame is empty. However, at that time, due to my very tight schedule I tried to fill all my time with some projects. Hence the name and the visualization reminds me of sand, the sand being a symbolic representation of time, that which fills the void!

I am a photographer! I also shoot music videos, dance Krump and hit tattoos. In my photographs, it is important for me to emphasize the image, what atmosphere it creates, and what associations it can evoke.

I do all my work on freestyle, from the beginning of painting models to post processing. I make art every day and the only thing that helps me to push off is feelings. I give names to my works only based on what I felt myself during the period of work. And now it is difficult to remember the whole history of one work, but the sensations remain!

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