Artwork id: 0016
26.22”H x

$ 1,200.00 | extra charges apply

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The artwork will be shipped as an unmounted high resolution canvas print.

About Artwork

No.360:This is a concise work. I try to magnify and visualize the scene of male gaze and present it to the viewer. In western classicism oil paintings, women’s positions are often depicted as “objects to be stared at.” Such works place the viewer in a male position and look at the surrounding things; but in the 21st century now ? There is no doubt that such a situation still exists in the circulating images.


The work that you see here comes from my first long-term college project. As a person born in the Internet era, I am exposed to a large variety of images everyday; and just like everyone else, I started feeling a bit lost. And that’s when I started to think: Where do these images come from? Where are they going?

So, I started collecting the images I saw on the Internet every day. One by one, I selectively deconstructed them, reorganized them, reconfigured, and interpreted their visual information, and shared the final result on the Internet again. This process eventually became one of the ways I understood images. The result of this project is something I didn’t expect, but kept expecting.

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