The Beautiful, Dark And Twisted Fantasy

Artwork id: 0019
26.22”H x

$ 1,150.00 | extra charges apply

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The artwork will be shipped as an unmounted high resolution canvas print.

About Artwork

In this work, the picture is mainly composed of the abstract landscape of large-scale industrial production and the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry. On both sides of the picture, the models in gorgeous costumes clothes the animals on the grassland show a corresponding relationship; if our living world is being destroyed step by step. What does all this produce by consumption mean?


The work that you see here comes from my first long-term college project. As a person born in the Internet era, I am exposed to a large variety of images everyday; and just like everyone else, I started feeling a bit lost. And that’s when I started to think: Where do these images come from? Where are they going?

So, I started collecting the images I saw on the Internet every day. One by one, I selectively deconstructed them, reorganized them, reconfigured, and interpreted their visual information, and shared the final result on the Internet again. This process eventually became one of the ways I understood images. The result of this project is something I didn’t expect, but kept expecting.

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