The Collector

Artwork id: 0007
31.93”H x

$ 1,350.00 | extra charges apply

Only 5 Collector copies available. Collect yours now!
The artwork will be shipped as an unmounted high resolution canvas print.

About Artwork

Art can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. That that the viewer somehow “completes” the work through open-ended engagement or subjective association. The single meaning conferred by me while drawing this artwork can be deciphered like a riddle, one layer after the other, based on your perspective. After all, nothing should stand in the way of the transcendent possibilities of art, for it to rise above its context and touch the viewer directly. So what do you make of this artwork? Is its meaning straight away evident to you, or does it keep you guessing?

Every artwork I create is an experiment and, hence, a new learning experience. I allow my hands to dictate what should be created rather than have a pre-planned blueprint. This is why my work oscillates between reality and abstraction – a highly nuanced vision that transforms into something spectacular.

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