The Journey

Artwork id: 0006
31.93”H x

$ 1,300.00 | extra charges apply

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The artwork will be shipped as an unmounted high resolution canvas print.

About Artwork

One has goals in life that he/she aspires to accomplish, and each goal has a long and challenging journey behind it. I intended to illustrate this idea in my work. A figure approaches his destination which is indicated by the light above him. He appears to be having his last look at the journey through the darkness behind him. However, he bears a sombre demeanour. As he proceeds to take the final step of the journey – which he so longed to finish – he recalls, not just the pain each challenge had brought him, but the strange pleasure he experienced while trying to solve them. He now remains uncertain of what awaits him; doubtful of his next journey after entering his bright destination. It, therefore, holds true that one must work not just to reach the destination, but to endure the journey of each second that takes place while he/she works.

Every artwork I create is an experiment and, hence, a new learning experience. I allow my hands to dictate what should be created rather than have a pre-planned blueprint. This is why my work oscillates between reality and abstraction – a highly nuanced vision that transforms into something spectacular.

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