WHY US & Not Others?

How many more decades of “modernistic” renderings of blank-eyed, semi-clad village women with mud pots can you tolerate? How many more decades of bombardment by the etchings of “wannabe Picassos” and “Dalis” do you think you want to survive? Leave the past in the past where it belongs and DISCOVER AN EXCITING PRESENT AND LIMITLESS FUTURE WITH US..

Each artwork in our gallery represents the stories, thoughts and vibes of today… And tomorrow.

At TLG, we don’t sell a frame, we sell the story and the emotion of the artist who sought inspiration based on the conditions and encounters they dealt with in their lives and conveyed their inner thoughts, vulnerabilities and fervour on a medium which is available for us to spread their story. We wish to share this deep and personal story with you to keep in your homes and help you remember that you aren’t alone in your struggles and that you can also stride past the wave, just like our artists!. We care and to us, you matter. We want you to be able to find a piece of work you resonate with and seek inspiration from!. A new meaning, EVERY DAY!.

It isn’t just a piece of art hanging on your wall.
It’s about unveiling a whole new experience.

Our Story

Anushka & Sumitra, founders. pic courtesy yourstory.com

I am from the latest generation of digital artists who seek to redesign the current marketplace for futuristic visual artistic expression. Unencumbered by the clutter and limitations of the older modes of painting, communing with a screen with just a stylus in hand and an exciting range of digital tools and techniques, I find the gap between my ideas and their expression drastically reduced – allowing me the luxury to fully and freely express my inner world to the world at large! My journey has been echoed by thousands of other artists of my generation from around the world. Together, we represent a new artistic movement that is honest, fresh, free-flowing and accessible via the internet to a more modern and global audience who find the traditional world of paintings and sculpture increasingly out of touch with their worldview. This is increasingly reflected in the state of most galleries today. We, at The Leap Gallery, seek to fix this situation!

Presenting The Leap Gallery – an online market-place that addresses the needs of the modern mind. The Leap Gallery seeks to bring together distinguished digital masterminds and collectors who share their love for the new, the real, the unique and the edgy. It allows cutting-edge digital artists from around the world to finally enjoy the financial fruits of their labor – by introducing their work to buyers who are ready to buy the best and latest in digital expression for their homes and their offices.

By employing high-resolution printing technology on a genuine canvas-surface, the buyers get toreach through the screen and actually touch the paintings. The artwork featured in our gallery’s very first collection brings to life vivid imagery that echoes the moods, messages and musings of young professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers and achievers of our time. It is current. Itis raw. It is real. It is , literally, The Leap into our collective future as a species.

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